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Windows only. IOS and Android coming soon.

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Instructions (Windows OS): Android and IOS coming soon.

Firefox is highly recommended. It supports Remote DNS which prevents websites from being blocked by your country. - Standalone and configured for Tunnel To The Cloud. Does not need to be installed and can be run off a thumb drive.

  1. Save the below file to your desktop or thumb drive.

  2. "Extract All" zip file.

  3. Run TunnelToTheCloud.exe.

  4. Click "Connect". Answer "Yes" to any questions to complete connectivity.

  5. MOST IMPORTANT: Configure your web browser to use Tunnel To The Cloud by clicking "Set Windows LAN/Proxy for me".

  6. To confirm everything works correctly: Google "what is my IP" and it should be the same as your designated IP Address.
Configuring Firefox:

Configuring Google Chrome/Internet Explorer:

Windows Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Internet Options

Technical info for advanced users: HTTP proxy is and SOCKS5 proxy is