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Instructions (Windows OS): Android and IOS coming soon.

Firefox is highly recommended. It supports Remote DNS which prevents websites from being blocked by your country. - Standalone and configured for Tunnel To The Cloud. Does not need to be installed and can be run off a thumb drive.

  1. Save the below file to your desktop or thumb drive.

  2. "Extract All" zip file.

  3. Buy a Connection Time Allotment.

  4. Connection ID and Access Code will be sent to your email.

  5. Run TunnelToTheCloud.exe.

  6. In Settings, copy/paste your designated IP Address, Connection ID, and Access Code.

  7. Click "Connect". Answer "Yes" to any questions to complete connectivity.

  8. MOST IMPORTANT: Configure your web browser to use Tunnel To The Cloud by clicking "Set Windows LAN/Proxy for me".

  9. To confirm everything works correctly: Google "what is my IP" and it should be the same as your designated IP Address.
Configuring Firefox:

Configuring Google Chrome/Internet Explorer:

Windows Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Internet Options

Technical info for advanced users: HTTP proxy is and SOCKS5 proxy is